Container Square 80 oz. Multi-Purpose Package


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Container Square 80 oz. Center Seal Multi-Purpose Package

Vegan or carnivore, celiac or pastatarian, something scrumptious will probably fit inside this versatile, 99% plant-based package. The only things it has no room for are BPAs, phthalates or other nasty chemicals!

Fits anything from cake to salads.

We are committing to greener disposable products at Bakers EXPRESS. These containers are made from Plant- Based Plastics. Made from annually renewable plant-based sources, making it an environmentally friendly and cost effective bakery package. Join the movement and purchase Plant-Based Plastics at Bakers EXPRESS.

• 99% plant-based material
• No BPAs or other nasty stuff
• Uncrushable durability
• No-pop interlocking seals
• Sky high stackable features

Made with good natured TFF02000 bio-based material, per ASTM D6866 testing. Per ASTM D6400, this product is BPI (or CMA) certified compostable in a commercial compost facility where such facilities exist. Manufactured in the USA.


Inner dimensions:
2.5” H x 7” W x 7” D

Outer dimensions:
2.75" H x 9.125" W x 8.625" D

*This product information was taken from manufacture's product description.